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My :+fav: section is basically organized as follows:
(HOWEVER, you may notice a few exceptions here and there)
:bulletblack: General Subject Folders:
    :bulletblue: Images are in Alphabetical Username order
    :bulletblue: Multiple works by the same user are ordered from oldest to newest
:bulletblack: Alphabetized Username Folders:
    :bulletblue: For users that I have :+fav:ed Approx. 10+ works from
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[My Favorite’s Bookcase]
:icontransparentplz:  :meow::icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::iconcraciun9:    :iconcraciun9:




Hello everyone.  I know I've not made any updates since Christmas/New Years, but life nowadays doesn't allow for much time here.  I cannot chat as much, neither do I have the ability to sit down and draw up pictures like I used to do. :iconsorrysignplz:

Nevertheless, I still wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter; I hope everyone will have a nice and save holiday.
Rejoice; for Christ our Savior hath risen!

P.S. - During Dragon Cave's Festival of Eggs, going on for 3 days, starting today, I think it's the only reason why I managed to find/get some very Rare eggs!
A Gold Dragon and a Cheese Dragon. (Update just now 4:52 p.m., a Copper Dragon too) Everyone is so preoccupied with the hunt, they overlooked the rares; at least, that is my guess.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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The Mystical Swordsman
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
In “The Unknown Evil” (Vol. I of “The Chaotic Timeline Trilogy”)
(The trilogy series of stories I started in my Freshman year of High School, (05-06) and spent approx. 5 years working on, before dA, and life in general, kept me from continuing them…I’ve barely worked on them since. -_-)
My OC/self-character, (plus my 2 friends) became known as the 3 “Guardians of Cliffton,” after we prevented the decimation of “Cliffton” (the small, main village, of the trilogy series).
More information about the stories can be found in the description of my Profile image: guardianofcliffton.deviantart.…

Personal Info.
:bulletblack: Name: David
:bulletblack: Age: 24
:bulletblack: Birthday: October 7
:bulletblack: Hair Color: Brown with a touch of auburn
:bulletblack: Eye Color: Greenish gray with yellow around pupil
:bulletblack: Religion: Christian – Denomination: Lutheran
:bulletblack: Social Status: With a nice Dark Magician Girl
:bulletred: Email:

:bulletblack: Likes/Interests:
   :bulletblue: A clean/organized workspace (I’m fastidious about this ^^’)
   :bulletblue: Yu-Gi-Oh!™: the TCG & OCG, Anime, (primarily Yu-Gi-Oh!™ DM, Season 4; “Waking the Dragons”) the “Abridged Series,” etc.
   :bulletblue: Dark Magician Girl/Mana: drawing/seeing & writing/reading clean art/stories about her :heart:
   :bulletblue: Fire Emblem™: the games, & short lived, 2-episode Anime
   :bulletblue: Minecraft™
   :bulletblue: Art: Traditional, Digital, Pixel, spriting, & some others
   :bulletblue: Writing short stories/novels (trying to; most still need finishing)
   :bulletblue: The series of books by Raymond E. Feist
(His stories have been, and still are, a major inspiration to my own writing endeavors)
   :bulletblue: Admiring, collecting, using, & attempting to forge/carve Swords, Axes, Lances, Bows, etc. as well as the training philosophy (chiefly Western but also Eastern) for such weapons, (mainly swords)
   :bulletblue: The [High-Late] Middle Ages/Medieval Times, (Approx. 1000-1500 A.D.) & all the good/honorable properties of that era
   :bulletblue: Fantasy and Magic: both in reality and in Literature
   :bulletblue: The overall subtle and outstanding beauty of Nature
   :bulletblue: Lepidoptera: (Butterflies & Moths) Rearing from eggs or larvae & Photographing all stages of their metamorphosis when possible
   :bulletblue: The changing and natural mysteries of the Weather
   :bulletblue: Lighthouses (as well as their miniature counterparts)
   :bulletblue: Real life Locomotives (as well as model railroading)
   :bulletblue: Real life Tractors, old & new, (as well as scale models)
   :bulletblue: Landscaping, Gardening and other related outdoor activities
   :bulletblue: Collecting: Insulators, (porcelain & glass) Super Balls, Golf Balls, (and the rubber-wrapped cores inside older ones) Marbles, Foreign Coins, Stamps…
   :bulletblue: Favorite Color: Forest Green

:bulletblack: Dislikes:
   :bulletblue: Liars, thieves, trolls, the “injustice system,” etc.
(Most are “common”/regular ones; hopefully I needn’t mar this list by naming them all ^^’)


"Plz" Accounts:

:icondrkmggrlplz: :iconbmgplz: :icondmagiciangirlplz: :icondmgirlplz:

:icontransparentplz::iconygodmg1::iconygodmg2: :icondmg1plz::icondmg2plz: :pointl:A 6-part Plz by AkizaIzinski
:iconygodmg3::iconygodmg4::iconygodmg5: :icondmg3plz::icondmg4plz:            :icondmg1:
:iconygodmg6::iconygodmg7::iconygodmg8: :icondmg5plz::icondmg6plz:            :icondmg-2:

:icondarkmagiciangirl3plz::icondarkmagiciangirl4plz: :pointl: 4-part "Plz" B-day Gift, from BrotherlyFluff :aww:

A 42-part “Plz” acct. pic. found by BrotherlyFluff

Avatars with DMG: (Those that haven’t changed...)





(Just some quiz results I’ve received, in the past. Yes, I know the results are basically “unrealistic,” but please don’t judge…)

Title: How Much Do You Love Dark Magician Girl
Hosted By:…
Quiz Creator: UltimaKnight

Level 4: You seem to be a big Dark Magician Girl fanatic. Know her bio pretty well. Like her for her smarts rather than her looks. I like you, your not as perverted as the others. Enjoy the pic.

Title: Is Dark Magician Girl gonna kill you? (Short Quiz; Boys only)
Hosted By:…
Quiz Creator: Death95

She wont kill you.She loves you so much,she'll do anything you ask her to do.
*She comes chasing after,asks you to go on a date with her,then tries to kiss you on the lips*

Title: Does the Dark Magician Girl like you?
Hosted By:…
Quiz Creator: ManaDMG

She likes you, I mean LIKE LIKES you. You are pretty lucky to have such a great girl friend...say, you are a Boy, right? In the battle field you'd protect her with your life, and you'd probably go crazy without her. Lucky you! are a boy...right?


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Remember that I mentioned to you that there will be new DMG figures?

It seems the prototype design  for one of the figures is finally released though it is unpainted...…
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Happy Valentine's Day! <3
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Good day. I wish to extend this invitation to all those who watched me through all these years. As a thanks for all your DevWatches, views, commissions, trades and requests, I wish to invite you my newly-made group site, based on the ongoing universe that I created through pictures and stories. This invite is to join, participate in, or simply view my group site dedicated to my ongoing fantasy novels, ‘Upon a Star’. If you are interested, check it out here at

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Hi there! It's been a while :)
The other day I saw this piece: YuGiOh: Dark Magician Girl by kankitsuru
And well it made me think about you XD So I'm leaving it here in case you hadn't seen it yet.
See ya!
HellionScythe Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
Just checking on ya!! Haven't heard from you so I can only assume ya got yourself a job or something that's keeping ya busy. Don't worry about hurting my feelings or anything!! lol Just wanted to let ya know that you cross my mind now and then :)

And I did say Happy Birthday to you right? :confused:
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