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(Slightly late anyway; I just couldn’t put it all together fast enough, and still have to add thumbnails/images to this post later.)

Also, in light of my heritage and for those of my watchers who understand it:
Frohes neues Jahr!
Glückliches neues Jahr!

Well, another year has gone by (Really? :O_o: Already?) and another several months since I last made an update, so I’m going to post another list of “life events” to start the new year off and get everyone up to speed on things.  I’m sorry but this will probably get long…hopefully I won’t bore you all to death… ¬.¬

Thankfully, the list of conventions that I’ve been fortunate enough to attend has continued to grow…however, at the same time the list of journals and images from them that I haven’t had a chance to post has continued to grow as well and that bugs the heck out of me. -_-;
Thus, once again, for now, I am going to post another list of said conventions and give a brief summary on the newest 2015 ones.  (Last list ended with C+A+D 2014 back in this journal guardianofcliffton.deviantart.… )
I have a bad feeling that this method of posting a brief summary of my conventions will become more standard as my free time for dA or elsewhere, doesn’t really exist anymore. *sighs*

The conventions that I've attended thus far (and which ones I've documented) are as follows:
:bulletblue: Anime World Chicago (2012) :pointr: guardianofcliffton.deviantart.…
:bulletblue: Maneki Neko Con 1 (2012) :pointr: guardianofcliffton.deviantart.…
:bulletblue: Anime Central (2013) :pointr: guardianofcliffton.deviantart.…
:bulletblue: Maneki Neko Con 2 - Cloned (2013) :pointr: 2-Day weekend; No Journal…
:bulletblue: Midwest Fur Fest (2013) :pointr: Not anime, but went with older brother to see what it was about; No Journal
:bulletblue: Con+Alt+Delete (2013) :pointr: Only attended Saturday; went with Ciara (toxsickk) & my older brother; Brief Summary guardianofcliffton.deviantart.… | No Journal…
:bulletblue: Anime Central (2014) :pointr: My first 3-day Weekend; Brief Summary guardianofcliffton.deviantart.… | No Journal…
:bulletblue: Maneki Neko Con 3d (2014) :pointr: 3-day weekend; new venue, won my first cosplay award; No Journal…
:bulletblue: Con+Alt+Delete (2014) :pointr: 3-Day weekend; Ciara & I won both won cosplay award & free admission for next year; Brief Summary guardianofcliffton.deviantart.… | No Journal…
:bulletred: Anime Central (2015) :pointr: 3-Day weekend; first time Ciara and I participated in their Masquerade, didn’t win anything but still enjoyed the experience; No Journal…
:bulletred: Anime World Expo (2015) :pointr: 3-Day weekend; the new Anime World Chicago?, first time going to Lombard, IL, went with Ciara, her friend, Katie, and my younger brother, William; No Journal…
:bulletred: RamenCon (2015) :pointr: 3-Day weekend; first time going to Ramencon, no ramen offered though :noes:, first Indiana con for Ciara and me; No Journal…
:bulletred: Con+Alt+Delete (2015) :pointr: 3-Day weekend; first time neither Ciara nor I participated in their masquerade, first time I had an actual purchased cosplay to wear, Ciara’s first time donning Lolita fashion; No Journal…

Anime Central 2015:
(I have a more thorough summary in the last journal if you’d like that better than a bulleted list)
:bulletblack: Ciara got our spots reserved to participate in the ACen Masquerade for the first time
:bulletblack: We got our armor cosplays from C+A+D 2014 fixed up & updated with more realistic, painted-on weathering/damaged effects
:bulletblack: Ciara’s childhood friend, Ashley, came along to ACen for the first time since I met Ciara in 2013
:bulletblack: We started Saturday by attending a panel about creating OC characters and universes
:bulletblack: We went to get our outfits prejudged for the craftsmanship part of the masquerade
:bulletblack: Ashley played the part of our “handler” due to our bulky cosplays
:bulletblack: We went on stage and gave it all we got to show how impressive DMG the Dragon Knight and Dark Flare Knight can be
:bulletblack: Due to the steep competition however, we sadly didn’t make the cut, but we did our best
:bulletblack: Sunday brought its usual “post-con depression” feelings but we tried to make the best of it
:bulletblack: Ciara had her Kantai Collection, Atago outfit and I wore my “closet cosplay” Shiny Umbreon
:bulletblack: We went to Samurai Dan’s self-defense class
:bulletblack: We looked for Sunday deals in the vendor and artist alley area
:bulletblack: We bought tickets for next year’s ACen
:bulletblack: We stopped by Panda Express at an expressway “oasis” on our way home, in full cosplay. ;P

[Insert future thumbnails here]

Anime World Expo 2015:
:bulletblack: Not sure if it was, but based on the name I wonder if it’s the new Anime World Chicago (my first convention) from 2012?
:bulletblack: Happened on William’s, birthday weekend so I bought him his badge as a gift
:bulletblack: We divided into groups to do our own things for part of the con; William & I and Ciara & Katie
:bulletblack: William and I participated in Samurai Dan’s swordsmanship class and got to go at each other with our Bokens
:bulletblack: We spent a majority of time in the vendor/artist area talking and patronizing the merchants
:bulletblack: William got involved in the Video Gaming area for most of the convention
:bulletblack: Ciara and Katie participated in the scavenger hunt event the con had set up
:bulletblack: They went to a “Mizuhiki Knot” panel where they made intricate little braid-like designs using extremely fine, iridescently colored, paper tubes
:bulletblack: They also went to an educational/history of kimonos panel and Ciara got to try on a Yukata
:bulletblack: Eventually we all came back together and went to the Masquerade; Ciara participated with her Sailor Venus cosplay while I used my Shiny Umbreon “closet cosplay”
(I was going to use my Dark Flare Knight cosplay but a miscommunication before the convention resulted in me not bringing it due to thinking I wasn’t able to participate in the Masquerade)
:bulletblack: Ciara and Katie went to a coloring panel that continued into a Copic Marker panel of which I joined in on
:bulletblack: We all participated in a Cards Against Humanity panel for the first time at a convention, hosted by Samurai Dan and his wife Jillian…and their Akitas were there. :aww:
:bulletblack: Sunday morning we went to Samurai Dan’s “Samurai vs. Ninja” panel and a little later to both Dan and Jillian’s “Akita” panel!
:bulletblack: I went to the consecutive Copic Marker panel on Sunday to learn even more and color in the outline drawings I had done Saturday
:bulletblack: Subsequent to much deliberation over the weekend, at the “Tasty Peach Studios”… booth, by Sunday, I had purchased everything they had “Tofusagi” save the necklace/s and hair clips. >.<
:bulletblack: The vendor Ciara and I met at MNC 2013, who took our photos for that “ website, was actually here; we hadn’t seen him since and talked quite much; he suggested we come to RamenCon so we made plans for it

[Insert future thumbnails here]

RamenCon 2015:
:bulletblack: First time going to this convention since hearing so much about it over the years
:bulletblack: Ciara and I chose to drive back and forth each day since it wasn’t that far away…next time we are booking a room due to how that “saving money” attempt made getting to certain early panels impossible. -_-
:bulletblack: Due to the host discovering instant ramen actually has an expiration date, the “free ramen for everyone” had to be canceled :noes:
:bulletblack: The “Pokémon Snap” event started out fun but turned into a frustrating flop due to:
   :pointr: Some obnoxious people moving some of the hidden Pokémon images out of their set places causing confusion
   :pointr: The hotel staff removing some of the images since the event had been put up over a month before the con;
   :pointr: Said problems causing us to miss out on panels because of hunting for images taking too long
:bulletblack: Aside from the above problems, it was still a really good con
:bulletblack: For the weekend Ciara wore her purchased-cosplays of Meer Camble (Gundam Seed Destiny), and Chi (Chobits); the manga styled outfit, and her created cosplay Pikachu gijinka, while I cosplayed my closet-cos Shiny Umbreon again, and my OC Guardian of Cliffton getup
:bulletblack: We attended a couple Q&A panels for J. Michael Tatum and actually got some items autographed!
:bulletblack: We saw many good cosplays/cosplayers
:bulletblack: Among all the Vendors and Artists, kojika was here (the person I first met at my first MNC back in 2012) and for the first time since MNC 2012, I finally made another commission, this time for a iPhone 6 case (due to now having a phone)
:bulletblack: We went to a Lolita fashion show
:bulletblack: Samurai Dan hosted the Masquerade; we only watched this time, wanting to take a break from the stresses of participating
:bulletblack: We attended our second Cards Against Humanity (CAH) panel with Samurai Dan and Jillian and this time some of the guests of honor, like J. Michael Tatum and John St. John, were there to participate and read out the white-card responses the audience groups turned in each round
:bulletblack: There was a restaurant inside the Radisson (the hotel hosting the con) that actually had menu specials in honor of the con and we ate there a couple of times during the weekend

Commission: Dark Magician Girl and Shimakaze Case by kojika [Insert future thumbnails here]
Phone case full art

Con+Alt+Delete 2015:
:bulletblack: Our third year at this pre-Christmas convention and the second year that Ciara and I got to spend the 3-day weekend together; just the two of us :blushes:
:bulletblack: One of the nice things about this convention is the “Con Suite” with its free instant ramen, rice, and soda :meow:
:bulletblack: After getting to the convention and checking in we both had to get ready; it took a couple hours to do all the makeup and prep work
:bulletblack: This was Ciara’s first time donning Lolita fashion and my first time having an actual purchased cosplay
:bulletblack: Friday, Ciara wore her personal favorite, lavender variant, “Dolly Cat” print (by Angelic Pretty) Lolita dress while I cosplayed as Mikazuki Munechika from the online Japanese game, Touken Ranbu
:bulletblack: Due to not being ready to go until after 3 p.m. we decided to spend the majority of our time perusing the vendors and artist alley since it was rather large compared to the last two conventions
:bulletblack: In the evening we went to a sort of nostalgic panel about old cartoon programs called “The Toonight Show”
:bulletblack: Next we went to a Lolita panel about how you can still wear the fashion without it costing a fortune; it’s all about knowing where to look
:bulletblack: Strange as it was, the CAH panel was Friday night, but it wasn’t any less enjoyable with Dan and Jillian as hosts
:bulletblack: Saturday, we first went to a Pokémon panel about its history with players over the years and where it’s headed in the future
:bulletblack: We then got our outfits on for the day, I was Mikazuki Munechika again while Ciara was a casually dressed Super Sonico
:bulletblack: We were a little late but we still attended the “Who’s Line is it Anime” panel; the Anime version of the TV show “Who’s Line is it Anyway” and it was humorous as always
:bulletblack: I wanted to go to the Vic Mignogna panel at 3 p.m. but we ended up losing track of time and just spent the next few hours in the Dealers room/Artist Alley
:bulletblack: Due to a busy year and my work schedule not allowing for us to get any new outfits created in time, this was the first year since we started going to this convention that neither Ciara nor I participated in the Masquerade -_-
:bulletblack: So as not to become any more depressed over the Masquerade thing, we went to Samurai Dan’s “History of Sharp Shiny Pointy Things” panel instead, and got to see and learn about all the different types of Japanese swords Dan and his family own and know about, including his 700 year old “Water Dragon”
:bulletblack: Subsequent to Dan’s panel and me buying one of his CDs and getting it autographed, we headed back to our room early, ordered dinner, and watched “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation”
(We would have done more after eating but nothing really peaked our interest and we had to get ready and packed to check out of the hotel Sunday morning)
:bulletblack: Sunday, we got dressed, packed up my truck, and checked out
:bulletblack: Ciara now donned her second Lolita dress, this time the brown variant of Angelic Pretty’s “Classic Fairy Tales” print…while I wore my “Tasty Peach Studios, Tofusagi” ensemble. ;P
:bulletblack: The first thing we did was peruse the Dealers and Artists for the last time, looking for Sunday deals where available
:bulletblack: Once it was time, the first of the two panels we planned to attend was one on “Fairy Kei” Fashion; another Japanese fashion like Lolita, but less restrictive when it comes to “cords” and not as pricy
:bulletblack: The Fairy Kei panel ended early so we used the extra time to get some ramen and rice for the last time
:bulletblack: We then went to a panel to learn about “How to go to Japan, for cheaper than you would expect”; it was fairly informative but I still would like to know more.
:bulletblack: While waiting for Closing Ceremonies to start, I saw Vic Mignogna for the first time all weekend, but he was on his way out so I couldn’t ask for a photo in time. :/
:bulletblack: Closing Ceremonies began and ended, and then Post-Con Depression PCD set in on the way home; *sigh* back to reality

[Insert future thumbnails here]

And now for the rest of the life events, in as close to chronological order as possible.

My Grandmother’s 90th Birthday June 12, 2015
My last remaining grandparent, my grandmother on my mother’s side, turned 90 years old on June 12th.  Although we didn’t have the party until the next day, it was still a grand event indeed; where many of my more distant relatives came to celebrate.  Sadly, the past year, her memory and physical health are truly starting to fade more and it’s painful to watch. :(  However, God has still granted her many blessings and this long of a life thus far, and I pray she will, God willing, be with us for a while longer.

Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions June 20, 2015
Ciara managed to reserve the tickets a few months in advance and once the day came for the event, we, she especially, could barely contain our excitement.  I hadn’t been to the city (Chicago) in a while and after enduring that horrid traffic, I think I know why. ;P  Nevertheless, it was well worth the drive; I had never been to the Chicago theater before and just the grand architecture was a sight to behold.  The symphony was even more amazing as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra took us through each of the Pokémon games, through the series, with select songs played in full instrumental splendor complimented by the visuals they had displayed from the games, on the big screen; it was really quite amazing to see how the games’ graphics changed over the years.  Had it not been for Ciara getting me more into the franchise by having me start playing Pokémon Yellow, Black, and X, I don’t think I would have been able to appreciate this symphony quite as much as I did!
[Insert future thumbnails here]

Figure Collection July 7, 2015 Onward
For the longest time, the Dark Magician Girl figure was the only one I ever owned…then I met Ciara and we started going to more Anime Conventions.  I got a Saber Lily (Fate/Stay Night franchise) figure at C+A+D 2014, but I still only had the 2 figures and that was it.  I later got a Shimikazi (Kantai Collection) and a Super Sonico (from Ciara) figures at ACen 2015, but my collection still only had the 4 statues.  It wasn’t until Ciara helped me get an OC butterfly girl figure (… ) that my figure collecting really started to take off.  I now have figures for Feena Fam Earthlight, Hatsune Miku, and a random assortment of others that I’ve acquired via conventions and online.  I also have all the new DMG figures as well as a couple of Fire Emblem “Nendoroids” on preorder, all thanks to Ciara’s knowledge and avidness in the figurine field. ;P
[Insert future thumbnails here]
Only the leftmost case has my figures; the rest are Ciara’s

Japan Day July 18, 2015
This Japanese cultural event is something Ciara and I attended last year and was where we preordered our ACen 2015 badges.  This year (past year now) we went again but took my younger brother, William along for the experience.  They changed the venue to the Arlington Race Course which I’m not sure helped; at least, I felt it was better where they had it in 2014, but we still tried to make the best of it.  Ciara and I came with the intention of participating in the little cosplay contest they had, and that is what we eventually did…after the nasty storms finished blowing through the area. >_>  Nevertheless, we enjoyed the cultural experience of the day; the events, the demonstrations, and especially the cuisine; once you’ve had real ramen, it’s hard to go back to the instant kind. ^^;

Allis Chalmers WD Tractor August 15, 2015
I’m not sure how many years I have wanted to own a nice antique farm tractor, but it’s surely been for 10-15 years if not more.  Well, after a few months of saving up money from my new job, and after looking around both online and in the areas I drove through while on my job, I finally came upon this ad on Craigslist for an Allis Chalmers WD and I didn’t want to pass it up.  For me, I had certain criteria I needed to adhere to; the tractor needed to be in working shape, (not a rust bucket or something being parted out) it preferably should be 2k or less, and it needed to be within driving distance (what I mean by that is it needed to be close enough to my house that I could drive the tractor back home if possible, since I don’t have a trailer and my truck wouldn’t handle the weight even if I did).  Nonetheless, after finding the Craigslist ad, deciding it was my best option in current time, and making sure I had the money available, I made the phone call and began the process of setting up meeting times to see the tractor.  When all said and done, I turned in my cash for the driver’s seat and with my mother following in her car just to be safe, I drove my new “toy” home from Cedar Lake, IN. :D
[Insert future thumbnails here]

112thAnnual Will County Fair August 26-30, 2015
Ciara and I participated in the County fair last year and we well we did fairly well for our first time competing, so we decided to give it another go.  Due to the AWX coming up the same weekend, we knew we wouldn’t be able to be their all the days, but we still made sure we had all our goods ready for the competition.  Ciara resubmitted her fleece hat from last year (since it didn’t win 1st place previously) along with another fleece hat, a couple of fleece scarves, a fleece blanket, and a coffee creamer that she pained to be in theme with the fair.  I spent Spring and Summer trying to grow most of my entries, like my popcorn, sunflowers and beets, but I also entered my one big foliage houseplant, an old newspaper, and a large sheep pillow that I worked on up to the very last minute (with some help in the last very minute due to the fact I had work the morning of the fair and couldn’t personally take my items for judging).  Only our second year competing, but I feel we did quite well; Ciara got a 1st and 2nd place on her hats, a 1st and 3rd on her scarves, and a 2nd on her themed creamer, while I got a 2nd and two 3rd places on my sunflowers, a 1st on my beets, a 2nd on my popcorn, a 1st on my houseplant, and a 1st on my sheep pillow…plus, to my star struck amazement, a large, purple, Best of Show ribbon for the pillow!  Only two years competing and I got a Best of Show; not too shabby. :XD:
[Insert future thumbnails here]

Anime World Expo 2015 August 28-30, 2015
[See Brief Convention Summary above]

RamenCon 2015 September 18-20, 2015
[See Brief Convention Summary above]

3 Birthdays October 7, 2015
Well, as some of you may know/recall, I turned a quart of a century old this past October.  What you don’t know is that I inadvertently was given 3 parties. :O_o:  On the day of, the 7th, Ciara’s family did a little party thing for me in honor of my day since my family wasn’t able to do anything until the weekend.  It wasn’t big but it was still nice and kind of them to do and they even had a little cake and a couple gifts.  Then on the 9th, my family took me out to eat and we had our little family party with cake and gifts.  And that was it…at least that is what I truly thought; I was content, I had what I felt was all I needed, and even had had a party from my girlfriend’s family; what more could I ask for?
Well, on the 10th, I had gone a few places earlier in the day, and then Ciara went with me to the store later on so I could get some stuff for work.  We came back to her house in the evening and while coming inside, things looked darker than normal.  Before I could really ask anything however, as I came around the corner into the kitchen area, I got blasted with the words “Happy Birthday!” from not only my immediate family, but also my girlfriends family including a couple of her cousins whom I had met in the past.  This was truly the first “surprise party” I had ever been given and I just stood there for half a minute with mouth agape trying to take it all in.  Both my family and Ciara’s had been planning the grand celebration for a few weeks and I had been completely oblivious to it.  This definitely will be a birthday I remember. ^.^

Contacts October 31, 2015
Ever since I started wearing glasses I swore I’d never get contacts because I just couldn’t imagine jabbing something into my eye, especially not some little clear disk that I feared would get stuck on my eyeball or lost behind it.  Well, it had come time to get new glasses again because my prescription had been out of date for quite a while.  However, instead of just glasses, Ciara insisted I get fitted for contacts because it would be more beneficial to costuming, especially for characters that don’t have glasses (which is the majority of them).  I was very hesitant during the weeks leading up to actually making an appointment at Walmart’s vision center because I really and truly was not ready to do the whole contact thing…yet a part of me agreed they would be more beneficial to the whole cosplay hobby.  Needless to say, when Halloween came, of which happened to be the day both (Ciara had needed to get her eyes checked too) of our eye appointments were set for, with a big gulp I signed the papers that signified I was going to be fitted for contacts.  I was extremely nervous when it came to trying on the trial pair of contacts for the first time, and I struggled immensely in the beginning, but since that day, I’ve gotten much better and I have to agree, the contacts came in very handy at C+A+D.

Con+Alt+Delete 2015 December 18-20, 2015
[See Brief Convention Summary above]

If you have managed to make it this far, congratulations!
You lasted this entire journal without giving up or running away screaming in insanity, and for that I thank you.
Again I’m sorry about the lengthy journal, but it’s the result of not being able to post more often, thus I have to slam you with all this information at once. -_-;

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My OC/self-character, (plus my 2 friends) became known as the 3 “Guardians of Cliffton,” after we prevented the decimation of “Cliffton” (the small, main village, of the trilogy series).
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(His stories have been, and still are, a major inspiration to my own writing endeavors)
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   :bulletblue: Real life Locomotives (as well as model railroading)
   :bulletblue: Real life Tractors, old & new, (as well as scale models)
   :bulletblue: Landscaping, Gardening and other related outdoor activities
   :bulletblue: Collecting: Insulators, (porcelain & glass) Super Balls, Golf Balls, (and the rubber-wrapped cores inside older ones) Marbles, Foreign Coins, Stamps…
   :bulletblue: Favorite Color: Forest Green

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Have a great birthday, David!!! :iconlachoirplz: I hope you're having an awesome day to celebrate your birthday! :) How have you been? ^^

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GuardianOfCliffton Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you; I forgot about such colorful messages; so many new plz icons. :meow:

This was the first year I've ever had a surprise party...and I certainly didn't expect it.  Both my and my girlfriend's family organized it.

Well, since the large update journal, I've been very busy with this landscaping job, so much I have very little "social" online life anymore; the communication with friends here has suffered severely. -_-;  I'm lucky I'm able to reply now as it is.  It's good to have a steady form of income, but it's still sad I've fallen away from so much here and elsewhere.
BrotherlyFluff Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016
Hey, you can't forget about colorful messages and plz accounts!  They're awesome. :) Ooh that sounds great!  I'm glad your loved ones surprised you with a birthday party~:iconballooonplz:Ah, it sounds like you have a full time job. :( Unfortunately, there isn't really a solution because if you try to be online more, then it will take away from your sleeping hours, which is not much better.  Hopefully you have more time online when you're on vacation. :)
katerinaaqu Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015
Happy Birthday my friend
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